current purpose of my blogging – please read.

Blog purpose…

Once upon a time, blogging was a way for me to discover and discuss and learn to articulate the gospel and how it looked in a world of brokenness and sin.  It was kind of fun. Then came church planting realities.  I simply quit.  Writing down my thoughts and musings and doing theological,  er… semantical gymnastics for people in never-land lost its luster.  For me, local ministry and the weaknesses in my pastoral life became central.  Discovering the gospel in relationship trumped the gospel in print.  

However, As God has grown West Valley Presbyterian Church (PCA), there is again a point to utilizing this forum.  Weekly, I meet with a handful of men on Wednesday mornings to do “Word Work.”  College guys and professionals and I meet together to study the sermon text.  We look at textual themes, macro ideas, words, authorial intent, applications… and we share an amazing time together.  That motley crew has suggested that as we launch our next series in the book of Galatians, that this old blog be reintroduced as a web locale to paste thoughts, receive comments, and share things that may or may not be good fodder for a sermon.  So, join in as you are led!

To the students of West Valley who will not be with us over the summer, use this… plus sermon audio at to keep traversing with us.

May we be a changed people with identities rooted in Christ who lives in us!

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