prayerless words – weak fool

I have spoken many prayerless words in the past 24 hours.  Words matter.  Hard reminder when I see the effect of my mouth on my family.  God have mercy.

When I consider that my words can wound as they do… I am suddenly struck by the words of the Ecclesiastes passage I am working through – “What is crooked cannot be made straight.”  Sometimes that’s how I feel about the parts of myself that don’t add up.   When I am angry, why do I speak.  I know not to.  I do anyways.  What a crooked part of this fallen world.  The things I don’t want to do I do…

Crooked words point to a crooked heart in a crooked world that I can’t make straight.  Once again, weakness as the catalyst for a gospel prayer, hope, dependence and love. 

Today I feel like a crooked pastor because I can’t make things straight in my home… and yet, somehow by grace (in spite of all I said last night) there was a familial experience of peace this morning.  Could it be the peace that God, in his time, will straighten what is crooked.  Will bend my words into obedience and blessing for his glory?  Please do O God.

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One thought on “prayerless words – weak fool

  1. Nancy says:

    It is amazing how quickly my tongue exposes my heart. I have very recently wrestled in this area too. I’ve been torn up about MY sin. Confession is good for me. God’s forgiveness is always necessary. This week I have spent lots of time confessing and then going to those I hurt to seek their forgiveness. I’ve been resting in God’s Word, especially Psalm 51. Oh, the peace that follows restoration is indescribable!

    Then, just now I read your blog….interesting…coincidence…I don’t believe so… God is digging a bit deeper… my explosiveness in years past has been dealt with long ago. God by His grace has forgiven me and forgotten, those directly involved have forgiven me. But what about the innocent – the bystander, not the target, but receiving the ricoche and being wounded none the less?

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