weakness unexpected

this post will be vague but,  much like when Jesus called out the bleeding woman in Mark 5… when he oddly said, “Who touched me?” amidst the pressing crowd – no one knew to whom he was talking except the one for which his words were directed.  May this be the same to the ones I love whose life is upside down, I can only imagine.

i guess that weakness discovery and God-dependence is often more about our not knowing the future than it is about our inability to handle the present.  i know people who have been graced with God’s strength to continually manage the present for his glory… but what about the sudden change of future?  when the “unexpected” ravages our ordered life, disrupting and changing and reordering the narrative of our life – what an awesome place of helpless dependence on God the author of life whose eternal narrative remains untouched and equally full of redemptive turns, here and there. 

what do we say when the “unexpected” attacks people (robbing sleep and schedule) who have sought to order life for the glory of God?  what is there but quiet contemplation… and all under the listening ears of a God who knows no frazzled unforeseen circumstances.  they are his to order, and so our cries are his to hear.  i am stuck resting in that – i hope you are too.

thank you God for showing us who you are when we least expect it… when life has to go on after it seems to stop.  when you are with us in the stillness of the reordering. 

“I once understood the gospel as God asking me to let him into my narrative, to find room for him in my heart and life.  But now I realize that God bids me to find my place in his narrative.  In God’s story, he, with his own two hands – the incarnate Word and the Holy Spirit – recapitulated and reversed the human situation so I can now live in him.  Through him I can live in the expectation of a restored world…Here and now, because God became incarnate and recapitulated all things, I live in him, in his narrative, and he lives in my life, which is to be a witness to his narrative for the world.” (Robert E. Webber) 

i can’t imagine not knowing WHO it is that turns our life plans from the left to the right for his glory and our good.  thanks be to God – be with your servants in the well of the unexpected.  may they live the gospel for others in the midst of weakness.

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2 thoughts on “weakness unexpected

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoyed the ‘vague’ post tonight. I ran across this in a somewhat ‘random’ fashion but I expect–as many ‘random’ things tend to be–that the Father managed my mouse for this encounter. I’ve been a co-worker of your Dad’s for some twenty years now (same company different responsibilities). I’m not certain but I seem to perceive a note of encouragement to him and your mom in the aftermath of their unexpected news last week (7/23). What a special blessing this must be to them! My wife and I are praying for them and are confident that they are resting in His plans for them (Jeremiah 29:11). I can only hope to be found as trusting and reliant as the example set before me through your family…as life can turn unexpected (to us) at any moment. Though we know not the future how comforting it is to know the ONE who does! God bless you all.

  2. weakchristian says:

    thanks for your words… major encouragement. Yes, the above post was in direct application to my folks. thanks for your prayers and my God use you wherever he calls.


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