God, candles and a back-porch breeze

Tonight is nice. 

Outside on the back porch, I sit.  Kori is on my left reading an enjoyable book.  The breeze is cool.  The candles on the table flicker.  She is beautiful, short hair and all.  We have been through so much together, and it is quiet moments like this that cause me to ….   pause in thanks.

Psalm 27 makes it boldly and memorably clear: because God is gracious, we will see his goodness while here in the land of the living.  Tonight, this is goodness.  The gospel has made us guiltless.  The quiet peace sitting beside one another has evidenced the contentedness that (in our marriage) has been oft slow in coming.  Thank you God.

The only thing that makes tonight better is experiencing it subsequent our glorious weekend.  We spent Friday at the pool (two of them to be exact).  Saturday we took the kids on a hike at Hawk Mtn, not far from where the Appalachian trail passes through.  In fact, prior to our landing at the trail head, we picked up a hitch-hiker, Young Blood, who needed a ride to a nearby town to catch a ride home.  It was our duty and honor to pick up such a kind and gentle smell-of a man… and we tried to do uncle Kevin proud.  Thru-hiker that he was… is.  Then our hike was incredible.  That was Saturday.  Then yesterday I was privileged to preach at Cornerstone on the crucifixion (Mk 15).  It was my first sermon at CPC in 4 months.  It was beautiful, as at the end of the service, the entire congregation bowed on our knees in prayer before the King of kings (seeking to offer true worship to Christ.  We bowed to offer true worship – contrary to the false worship that the soldiers offered to Christ when they dropped to their knees in mockery before his cross).  I will remember yesterday’s corporate worship for a long time.

Yea, this is the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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One thought on “God, candles and a back-porch breeze

  1. Hi, I happened on your post and thought it captured a moment of quite goodness nicely. Thanks for sharing it. I was thinking of Psalm 27 just last night as I sat in a restaurant high above the city of Jakarta Indonesia watching the snarled traffic on the freeway below. “The perfect getaway far from the buzz of traffic” The Message.


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