the taste of God

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! 

Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Psalm 34:8


 Yesterday I worshiped quietly over a cup of coffee while the family slept in on our beach vacation.  Last week I joined in worship with a few thousand PCA ministers, ruling elders and their families at General Assembly.  Two Sundays ago, I worshiped at 423 – the afternoon/contemporary service of Northeast PCA in Columbia, SC.  Three Sundays ago, I worshiped at Cornerstone PCA in Coopersburg PA. 

Every experience of corporate gathering is different. The taste of worship is unique.  How often I sin by evaluating corporate worship based on my palate… my taste buds.  But this week, I have realized something.  It is not about the taste of worship (meaty, ice-creamy, hearty, buffet-y).  It is not about the taste of worship at all. 

It is about the taste of the Lord.  His character.  His goodness.  His gospel of Christ’s perfect life and death for his children.  His drawing us to him by giving us new hearts.  His kingdom of perfect love that will restore all things.  His oneness with himself.  His love as definition.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!   Here is the reason for my post:  expressing my shame in how I enjoy studying (I have been reading and thinking and discussing with people for some time now) about the kind of corporate worship that pleases the Lord by being true to his Word and by engaging the whole person (the mind and 5 senses).  It has been fun to think about a worship experience that whets the palate as we taste wholistic nourishment.   I think I have done this without sitting in judgment on others, simply doing it out of consideration of our church plant’s coming worship services.

HOWEVER, I realize today how easy it is to think about public worship that pleases God (biblically-reflective and regulated elements, whole-person involvement, non-performance for man, etc.) without thinking about my life of worship that either is or isn’t pleasing to God.   In my LIFE, not just in the future worship services of West Valley PCA, do I taste and see the Lord’s goodness daily?  Moment by moment?  Do I rehearse through Scripture and prayer the goodness of the Lord to his people in his gospel – tasting moment by moment the character of my holy Lord (to whom I belong)?  Do I?  Or, do I just want to talk about the taste of a worship service… that will never do.

May my life be a sacrifice of worship where I give all of myself to taste all of who God has revealed himself to be… only then may I think and discuss a worship service where we give up all of ourselves in a transcendant hour to taste all of who God has revealed himself to be for his glory!

from the beach,




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One thought on “the taste of God

  1. Rebekah says:

    Hello Jim! I have found that my favorite times of worship are those when I’m alone with my Lord. I enjoy corporate times of worship, but there’s something so special about spending time alone with him. I seem to learn more and grow more during those quiet times, and I look so forward to them. This post is a blessing. Tell the family hello!

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