where have I been?

25 phrases that obligate me to be concise but comprehensive on what has happened since the last time I blogged (May 29):  In no particular order:

  1. Eating steak in Dallas Texas with old PCA friends.
  2. Sitting and listening to long reports about the work of God in the PCA (as i type).
  3. Sitting in General Assembly seminars and learning with co-pastors about “sacramental theology – the doctrine of God’s presence in/through the church,” “the direction of the PCA,” “why there are so many messed up marriages in the church” – and I am not sure which seminars I will attend tomorrow.
  4. Bantering over wings and a drink about biblical theology and churchplanting that is contextually relevant but faithful to our call, Scripture, and our ecclesiastical system.
  5. Driving to Georgia to drop Lina and Kori off in 100 degree weather to bike across Georgia (450+ miles of which they have finished 150+). 
  6. Watching Lina finish her first year of school and seeing her heart knit to her friends whom she will miss over the summer.
  7. Spending personal time in 1st and 2nd Timothy in consideration of what it is to be a faithful pastor, preacher, man of God, husband and father.
  8. Rolling and wrestling and playing with Nate.
  9. Listening to Meggie’s incredibly imaginative syllogisms.
  10. Planting a garden – and fencing it off from the rabbits.
  11. Getting my finger slammed in a car door and unwisely avoiding stiches.
  12. Going on a vision retreat with “vision catalysts” from West Valley PCA and experiencing the blessing of God to unite us around a picture of his heavenly-kingdom coming to the West Valley.
  13. Honing that vision with others in route to excitedly – Lord willing – having 40 adults “own” the Vision the Lord has for West Valley PCA (in process over the next month).
  14. Experiencing the blessing of God to spend time with friends in the West Valley (wvpc planters) in diverse ways: remodeling the church plant office, gathering needed supplies, strategizing, and ministering alonside them in life/counsel.
  15. Planning to meet on June 22nd – to start our regular Sunday evening prayer/planning meetings.
  16. Reading Tim Keller’s The Reason for God and praying about doing a skeptic’s study with people in Emmaus.
  17. Driving around the west valley checking into a worship site – O GOD YOUR WORK ALONE (not going to be easy).
  18. Meeting with a local artist who might design a web site/logo for west valley pca.
  19. Eating Texas Barbecue.
  20. Reading D.A. Carson’s “Christ and Culture Revisited” – a reconsidering of Reinhold Niebuhr’s classic work through the lens of biblical theology.
  21. Chiropractic visit after chiropractic visit to deal with a herniated disc in my neck.
  22. Beginning to run again to train for the upcoming NISOA (college soccer refereeing) season.
  23. Getting to hang out with my bro and Ashley in Columbia SC – seeing my niece and getting to trek down to their “lot” upon which their new house will be built.
  24. Speaking at Northeast PCA in Columbia SC – sharing our kingdom vision for West Valley and enjoying round-table discussion with good ole Southerners who wept with me over God’s work.
  25. Going to eat another Texas steak.

 Hoping to chronicle more West Valley church plant details upon my return from Texas.  And, I owe thanks to my technologically savvy Grandma for encouraging me to unlapse the lapsed blog.

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