call to prayer for West Valley PCA church plant

As is obvious, I have not made it to blog-posting for more than a week.  Times they are a changin’. 

Busy.  New.  Different.  Spiritual attacks.  Planning.  Preaching.  Parenting…

So this short post will suffice – please pray for us this weekend as Kori and I are going away with four couples for a vision-catalyst retreat.  Pray that we will find guidance in God’s Word, through his Spirit, and through each other.  Pray for joy and rejuvenation.  Pray for clarity and the willingness to let vague-ness be vague-ness where God has not clearly guided.  Pray that we will NOT do ministry in the flesh, but by the Spirit!  Pray for safety.  Pray for our children as we’re away.  Pray for the other families of West Valley PCA who are trusting the Lord to jump-start a church with HIS vision that we all embrace and live out for his glory!  Pray that the Lord will be the Vision-caster:

“Our greatest danger is not liberalism, modernism, postmodernism, bible criticism… 

the greatest danger is the church doing the work of ministry in the power of the flesh.”       

    – Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality


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