working on biblical exposition

Workshop on Biblical Exposition – Wheaton, IL

I have spent the entirety of this week being exposed to the Minor Prophets and thus exposed to myself.  All I can say is that there is no workshop or conference or seminar that I could attend that would cause me to long to be a faithful man of God like this expositional preaching workshop.  In considering the faithful handling of God’s Word – O God, I long to be faithful, fully. 

“The text cannot now mean what it never meant.”  O God, may I do the work necessary to grasp your Word, in its original context with its original intent.   May I do the work to know my community.  May I do the work to bridge the gap.

That’s all for now.  Plane flight home tomorrow.  I miss my family sick.


3 thoughts on “working on biblical exposition

  1. It is so GREAT to hear that God has worked in your life this week 🙂

  2. Nathanael says:

    A small question:

    Why can’t the Bible mean something now that it didn’t necessarily mean when it was written? Is the Spirit limited in the way He can use those words? Am I misunderstanding YOUR words? (Very likely!)

  3. weakchristian says:

    I love Nathanael. Honest good questions, ahem – interrogations. As per your Q on the Spirit being limited in how he uses his Words… in no way was I implying such. The question is rather, who inspired the Word in the first place? 2 Peter 1:19-20 makes it clear that it is the Spirit. Same is true in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (God/Spirit breathed the words). Thus, if the Spirit revealed the Word in the first place – he did so in a place and time with a specific context for a God ordained reason. Yet, he also governs the use of the Word now (we are to judge all spiritual activity by the Christ/Word that the Spirit professes- 1 John 4). So I am not saying that the Spirit is limited – but that the Spirit inspired the Words for a purpose, and it is the role of a preacher/teacher, every student, to seek to discern the work of the Spirit in providing a word-based revelation to a context… and then translate that faithfully into how that Word is applied and can faithfully be used in our very different context. Jesus even said that it is the role of the Spirit to reveal TRUTH (John 16:13). Thus, we just can’t skip (especially in preaching prep time) trying to discern the work the Spirit was about when he revealed the Word in the first place… even though it is more fun and easier to jump quickly to a modern application. We have to do both. The Word was first sent to Corinth or Galatia or wherever and now it is sent to Chicago or the Lehigh Valley or wherever… The Spirit can apply the truth to here and now, but if I (in preaching) apply it in an OPPOSITE way to how the Word first spoke to God’s people – than I am probably off, right?!

    I am meandering… Love you my friend. Have fun at the Phillies game!

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