random post and update

A few random thoughts and doings concerning churchplanting and life.

happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

the kids and I celebrated with her yesterday with a child-frosted cake and excessive help in present unwrapping.

my taxes are due

i mean done.

i get to go to IKEA today

Today is a churchplanting office furniture-purchasing trip with my friend Jon.  As Kori said last night – “isn’t this like a day off for you.”  Yes it is, but it isn’t – just life giving!

paper and lots of stamps

Our churchplant prayer/fundraising packets have been sent out and we are praying for committed partners for the west valley PCA church plant.  I am in the process of mapping out ways to engage people about the ministry God has called us to here in the Lehigh Valley of PA!

refereeing and elbows to the mouth

Saturday I had the privilege of running as the center Referee for a Spring soccer match between Lehigh U and Villanova.  A 1-1 draw.  I enjoyed the match and felt the game control went well – Oh, except for the 2 bloody mouths due to elbows to the jaw.  I called one, missed the other – and failed to put myself at an angle to discern if they were intentional or not.  I’m learning.  I most enjoy getting to know men from around the Lehigh Valley who share a passion of mine.

Off to IKEA…  Swedish meatballs.



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3 thoughts on “random post and update

  1. vagabondrunn says:

    Just stumbled across your blog.

    I am on a church plant team that is going through the initial stages of the process. I was wondering if you had any tips or heads up’s for what we might expect to experience as we go through this process.

    One thing I’ve learned is there is no such thing as too much knowledge.

    Good-luck on your plant, and I’ll be sure to lift you and your church up in our prayers.



  2. Sarah says:

    Good to know that the game was a draw on Saturday. N. and I only saw the ‘Nova goal. As for the elbows, we didn’t see them either, and theoretically our angle was the whole field.

    Happy Birthday, Kori!

  3. Happy Birthday Kori!!!

    It’s good referee’s are not held to a standard where all calls must be perfect. O wait… :p

    It would be nice to live in the Lehigh Valley so I could attend some of these sports events. Sigh…

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