The River of Life and Colorado

I am sitting at Barnes and Noble (sorry small local better coffee shops) studying for a few talks/sermons I am privileged to give this week – and it occurred – a random COLORADO state flag sighting.  A passerby had it on her sweatshirt and, well, I am writing about it because it joyed me. 

I have been thinking a lot about Colorado and my blessed childhood lately.  In the process of sending out prayer/fundraising packets for the West Valley church plant, I wrote numerous notes to old family friends whose kids I used to go to church with, or play at the lake with, or go sledding with, etc.  I miss Colorado.  In many respects, it’s like the Promisedland to me.  Maybe I’ll get back some day, or maybe I’ll just wander for the next 40 years outside of such a great and beautiful land!

Either way, I know God has called us right now where he has.  I am preparing a talk on Revelation 22, about the River of Life flowing from the throne of GOd in the New Heavens and New Earth… and the way I understand it – that new earth is THIS earth.  So as I study and daydream, I am picturing the throne of God up on Longs Peak, and the River of life flowing from it satisfying all of our thirst in a land where there is no more brokenness… only beauty and community.  Of course, my daydream breaks down the moment I consider that the CITY OF GOD would be hardpressed to be inhabitable in the Rocky Mountains.  But it’d be nice.


Thanks be to God for his promised River of Life.  For his throne on this NEW earth.  For an imagination to take my breath away.  (An imagination rooted in ski weekends and bike trips and hiking adventures…)


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2 thoughts on “The River of Life and Colorado

  1. I learn something new everyday. I never knew you had connections to Colorado :p

  2. Sarah says:

    Did I think I could be more excited for Friday? Oh, wait, Jim speaking on Revelation? It just happened.


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