West Valley Presbyterian Church, PCA mission

Last night I enjoyed the presence of 33 friends and good coffee at our first West Valley PCA (mission church) gathering in Emmaus PA.  I am excitedly silent… or is it, silently excited.  (which makes you more excited?)  In sum, we hung out, went through the demographic gospel-needs of our target (East Penn area of the Lehigh Valley – specifically Lower Macungie and Emmaus) and I took the privilege to convey a bit of my philosophy of ministry – you know, that bit about being a church of weak people who depend on a strong gospel.  Otherwise said like this: Would that God create a church of the broken, for the broken in our community, before the One who binds up the broken

We talked about being a church that DOES CHRIST’S KINGDOM among our community, rather than just doing church among the churched and calling it kingdom.  What that will look like in human flesh (incarnate), we are yet to really know.   We trust these upcoming months will reveal gospel-opportunities where the kingdom is as stunning in Emmaus/Lower Mac as it was in Acts 2.

The cry is that the 33 people present would pray and begin to do neighborhood church planting as the gospel heals their brokenness and moves them into the brokenness around them.  A high calling.  Sacrifice.  (Yes, last night was as much about getting people excited as it was setting the bar of churchplanting high for the sake of surrender!  This is way too big for all of us, and only those whom God truly calls from the beginning should be involved)!  We said it like this: May this be a church plant of church planters (plural), rather than just a church plant with a church planter (singular) with a core group…  O God, would you call church planters out!  My friends in the West Valley – CALL them out to humble sacrifice, O God!

We also walked next door to the new office space of West Valley Presbyterian Church… we prayed.  Some wept.

I think I’d like to be quiet now. 


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3 thoughts on “West Valley Presbyterian Church, PCA mission

  1. Silently Excited.

    It was great to hear that West Valley Presbyterian Church has officially ” begun”.

    Hardest thing for me: I was talking to Alex about how I only know about 10 people in the room ( I know others by name but I don’t KNOW them)

    Hardest thing 2: to see how much of the group I have known the most (c3)NOT there. This WILL BE interesting…

  2. Alex says:

    I sit in my office with eyes filled with tears reading this post. God put exactly the people he wanted in that room last night and it frightened me and moved me all at the same time.

    God already has faces and names of people this church plant will reach. He knows names of lives that will be changed through his people.

    Oh God, help me redefine what “comfort” means in my life, because this it is not going to be a “comfortable” time at all.

  3. Sounds like our Lord has some wonderful things planned for this new community of faith. May He empower you all to be a church characterized by self-sacrificial love befitting the Gospel of grace and reconciliation.


    Jonathan Bonomo Jr.

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