Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

vulnerability versus transparency

Let me share with you something that I was recently encouraged to read.  I did not write this, but it is uncanny in its autobiographical sound…  It IS what I have been quietly trying to think.

“Over the years I have found myself actually receiving recognition and praise for my transparency.  Transparency in itself, however, is not necessarily a positive attribute.  Transparency could merely be an attempt to selectively expose weaknesses that you are comfortable exposing because it actually brings you into a positive light – almost with a sense of false humility.  Even if your motives for being transparent are noble, it is not a place in which to reside.  Transparency must be tranformed into vulnerability.  Vulnerability is coming under another’s influence by submitting to the love they offer.  When we are willing to be vulnerable, we choose to trust God and others with our lives.  We cannot grow fully in Christ apart from community.  No man is an island.”