5 more days

and I’m counting…


10 thoughts on “5 more days

  1. good to here, My prayer is that I can convince my parents to allow me to be there :/

  2. Alex says:

    Schuchman, pray that God’s will is done in your life…that’s always a better prayer. 😉

  3. hmmm…true. I’m so worried about getting through day-to-day instead of my entire life. I pray selfish prayers instead of Kingdom prayers. Life is so frustrating 😦

  4. Nathanael says:

    Not to be argumentative, but I think that your initial prayer is fine. Just like we ask our natural fathers for things, we should ask our Heavenly Father for things. God’s Will being done in our life is less a prayer and more of a lifestyle/walk. Again, I mean no disrespect, Alex.

  5. I feel like I have hijacked Jim’s blog with a personal discussion… anyway… I kinda see where you both are coming from. I feel like I have been challenged to learn to pray Kingdom prayers. For most of my life I have not done that. I’m ready to pray to God when I want something (SUCH AS TO BE THERE Sunday night) or that school goes well, or whatever. BUT, I never pray for the Lord’s will (Maybe its his will for me not to be there Sunday night, and yet I just assume it is because that’s where I WANT to be). Maybe God will keep me home and teach me something amazing or give me an opportunity to love my family as I ought by staying home. Maybe I’m meant to be there. I don’t know, but God does, and if I am there or am not, he certainly has everything in his control and I need to come to grips with that it might not be the way I prefer things to be, but his plan is much bigger, and greater, than mine.

  6. Alex says:

    No disrespect taken, but I think my sentiment was that John needs to be content with what God has in store for his life and not fixate on “convincing his parents” of anything.

    I certainly don’t want to presume anything about John, so I can certainly speak from my own struggles growing up, but our tendency to dishonor our earthly parents stems from our tendency to dishonor our heavenly one.

    I understand what Nathanael is saying, and it is true that we should ask specific things as we would of our earthly parents; however, from what John wrote it sounded like they had reservations of some sort. With that in mind, I stand by my original thought that God’s will be done in this situation and with all of our prayers, and perhaps, that in this case, John needs to submit to his parents wishes regardless of his desire and whether he thinks he should be at this meeting.

    oh and…Jesus once taught the disciples to pray “thy will be done”. So, I’ll take that as a directive of how we should be praying, although, our lifestyles should reflect that as well.


  7. weakchristian says:

    I have the best seat in the house for this discussion… I mean discovery.

  8. Ah, basically she said she wanted me at church with the family because her mom is here for the weekend. I could still make it to not only the meeting, but also church in the AM. You both make good points. Go ahead and presume about me, because usually I don’t want to obey. I have felt in the past like I should be alone, and that they shouldn’t bother me. 3 months ago, I would be there Sunday no matter what, even if they didn’t want me to go. I’m in a different place now, and that’s cool. If they allow it, I’ll be there, but if not I will accept that. So, I would have to argue that I HAVE THE BEST SEAT discovering these things. Sorry Jim, you still have a nice court side seat.

  9. Nathanael says:

    Having read your latest blog, John, I can only smile when I think of this hijacked blog. Your desire to go to church and the play and the meeting was good. So you correctly asked God to allow you to go. You correctly tried to convince your parents to let you go. You correctly (if begrudgingly) stayed at home when they asked you to. But notice that God allowed you (through your parents, who were affected by your desire) to still go to the meeting.

    Your desire was not fully met in God’s Will. But that does not mean that it was a wrong desire. Your reaction to His Will might not have been perfect, but that was probably a reason why He did it that way, to continue that perfection process.

    You are growing into Christ and it is Good and Exciting.

  10. Thanks buddy. I might have stayed home but it WAS begrudgingly, and we’re judged by what’s in our heart…not by what comes out of it. Right?

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