Cornerstone PCA website

Thanks be to God, Cornerstone’s new website – – is up and at’em.  There will be glitches here and there as we get things going, but I need to give my high praise and thanks to the ministry-minded CMS that we are using, ekklesia360 out of San Diego (they also do monk development). 

The back end is easier than ever to upload and manage content.  The member pages are like a virtual myspace or facebook component… and the forums and blogs will hopefully be a means of gospel-centered community for our people.

Check it out… and let me know if/where you might have issues.  There will certainly be some in this early phase.

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4 thoughts on “Cornerstone PCA website


    I did have an issue logging in a few times last night and today where I would go to login and click “login” and it would not process it and then a few times it said “login failure”

    I’m on now with no problems

    by the way… someone on the site asked me this and I have the same question. Why is it everyone within the church isn’t friends already? I actually thought it was funny that I friend requested someone and they said “I’m not sure about it”

    haha anyways….great job by everyone on that end, working simply except for the one issue mentioned earlier.

  2. John Kinyon says:

    I got the page some times today, and other times I got the old one. Is this what you mean by “in and out?”

    BTW, Jim, I’d like to start a “blog” like you have. Can you show me sometime?

    Also, where did you get your links? –>>

  3. Nate Danser says:

    It’s called FaithBook.

  4. haha nice Nate. 🙂

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