It’s official

In case no one else officially says it.  And presuming that anything that is in print is in some sense official.  And because in my blogging I must acknowledge my feelings that I can ascribe to convictions.  And because I don’t want to write anymore sentences that start with “And.”  Let it officially be said:

“Bill Belichick should not have walked off the field before it was over.”

I feel better now.


One thought on “It’s official

  1. What else would you expect from the coach that will not be honest with reporters, is head of the cockiest theam in the NFL, and cheats in Super Bowls and just about every game the past 4
    years. Belicheat is the worst coach in the NFL, and hopefully he retires.
    Enjoy your time with Congress Bill 🙂

    maybe the Yahoo! Sports blog (yes I read alot of blogs) I read today summed it up best.
    “That’s unsportsmanlike at best, disrespectful at least, and at worst,
    it makes him a big sissy. Because Bill Belichick wanted to go hide when he lost, the field ended up being flooded with people, and the officials had to clear the area before the Giants could take their final snap and make it official. When you lose, you take your loss. You don’t leave early because it makes you feel sad inside. Your opponent deserves more respect than that. ”,64971

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