my life on paper

One week from this Sunday, Kori and I will be flying to Atlanta for the PCA Church Planter Assessment Center.  Our marriage, sense of call, giftedness, and contextual placement (i.e. in the North East) will be assessed and reassessed.  They tell me it is like marriage counseling on steroids. 

Here’s the thing – we’ve already been assessed just to be accepted at the Assessment Center.  I haven’t liked what I’ve learned.  It is actually quite funny: my life and personality don’t translate that well on paper.  We have each filled out questionaires and personality tests (which will be interpreted for us on site).  We received most of the results already, so that we might digest who we are on paper before we show up and discover who we are in person

My wife is incredible… especially on paper.  She received a personality report that sounded like this: “Quiet and discerning.  Not needing to be the center of attention.  Likely to enter a room and recognize people and needs.  Unlikely to talk about herself before inquiring of others.”  It went something like that.  If you know Kori – that is right on.

I am not so incredible, especially on paper.  My personality report sounded like this: “Energetic and strong in personality.  May prefer to be the center of attention.   Likely to enter a room desirous of sharing about himself before inquiring about others.  Willing to persuade people that they might follow.  May unintentionally offend others or step on toes as he engages in conversation.  Prefers to lead independently.”  OK, so maybe it wasn’t that bad – but it is no overstatement that I now have documented proof that I married way over my head.

It is sobering to read an accurate assessment of yourself in ink that cannot be erased.  Maybe the qualities I read are normal/good for a leader, but it’s still sobering. 

To be honest, I am used to reading an accurate self-assessment.  Every time I read God’s Word it happens with acute clarity.  I am a sinner.  I am desperately wicked.  I am gloriously redeemed.  I am weak enough to need a Savior every moment for every breath throughout every day.  Sobering but beautiful. 

So I guess I am saying that I enjoy and presently prefer sober assessments, because in the newfound awareness I find myself thanking God all the more that he would give the grace of salvation and ministry (and a woman with the personality of Kori) to someone like me, even me.

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6 thoughts on “my life on paper

  1. Alex says:

    “May unintentionally offend others or step on toes as he engages in conversation.”

    Did you laugh out loud like I did when you read this? probably not, because of the whole “sober” thing.

    It’s easily in the top 5 reasons I like Jim Powell.

    “To be honest, I am used to reading an accurate self-assessment. Every time I read God’s Word it happens with acute clarity.”

    Also easily in the top 5 reasons I like Jim Powell.

  2. I have to say I agree with Alex, these are things that make people love you, yeah maybe its not the best thing to be saying something that makes someone upset, but that’s what makes Jim Powell,you care about people and are going to tell people the way it is and be honest with them, even when they don’t want to here the truth or what you think. I’ve been there before, but it’s great to have someone I can talk to who will be honest with me, and not try to say what I want to hear all the time.

    I thought this one was funny, “Likely to enter a room desirous of sharing about himself before inquiring about others.”, because your always the first one to find out how everyone around you is really doing.

  3. weakchristian says:

    OK, so my previous post has made people feel sorry for me. It was not intended to be a write-a-comment-so-he-will-like-himself-more post. I’m still desperately wicked, so be careful what you write.

    but thanks guys.

  4. Alex says:

    Well I’m glad you misconstrued my comments as feeling sorry for you…because I was trying mostly to poke fun at you. I guess I don’t need to apologize now 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    I, too, will agree. I had to chuckle when I read “May unintentionally offend others or step on toes as he engages in conversation.” It is so true – but it was so needed. Thanks for stepping on my toes and for your heartfelt counsel. But I disagree, as John did, that you would share about yourself before inquiring about others. You always ask about others first.

    Kori’s personality matches perfectly. What a sweet, caring woman of God. God, in His great wisdom and providence, was looking out for you!

  6. Janey Notary says:

    I agree. Kori is incredible and not just on paper!!!

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