DO church, or DO kingdom?

I have been doing some reading about the kingdom of God.  Of course, it’s always easier to read about the kingdom than to incarnate the kingdom.  That’s what I was reading about.  The book I was reading pushed me to consider whether, as God’s community, we DO church as a means of doing God’s kingdom… or whether we do church in place of doing the kingdom.  Simply put:

How well do our churches DO the kingdom of God?  BE the kingdom of God?  Have we gotten to the point of doing church (in the Western institutional sense) more than we DO kingdom (in the Acts 2:42-47; Jeremiah 29:4-7; Amos 5:14-15) sense? 

I don’t know the answer… but I know my mind is a muddy mess about the nature of the kindgom-communiy that I hope our church plant will be. 

Not knowing the answer, I pose the question to you: What things would we DO, or not DO, or keep or change… if we sought to DO the kingdom as a church, rather than just do church the way most churches today DO church? 

(By the way, I love the church… so I don’t think that DOing Kingdom and Doing church are mutually exclusive!)

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One thought on “DO church, or DO kingdom?

  1. rich says:

    Hmmmmm. I think the answer is fairly easy to arrive at. Look around. Are things better or worse because of our activities in DOing the Kingdom of God as the Church? Of course living in the South, and you know this from experience, we do church well. So well our churches here are the biggest clubs in town and the only places we like to DO anything in relation to Kingdom. We go there and get away from everything else, because it’s safe. We equate safety with the Kingdom, so DOing church must be DOing the Kingdom. Right? But if we are rarely leaving our own Christian Ghetto, how well CAN we be DOing the Kingdom? Think of all the Christians you know or have known and attempt to answer the question with their actions as agents of the Kingdom. I don’t like the answer I come up with.

    I’m with you, I love the Church. LOVE. But I am also passionate about the Kingdom, Jesus did say it was at hand afterall. My passion may make me tilt the scales to “we are aren’t doing so well”, but I know there are pockets of people out there that hear Jesus when he says the Kingdom is at hand and want to join him in the work of it. I just wish there were many more of them (especially here in good ole TN).

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