nice new year – fiesta bowl and les miserables

Apologies for limited posts.  Limited time and memory and pizzaz at the turn of the New Year.

Just want to convey my joy due to two unrelated New Year events. 

Congrats to my father-in-law who worked last night’s Fiesta Bowl as an umpire.  His on the field authority ended last night.  What an honor to work a BCS bowl in his last game!   Hopefully he’ll be a replay official in the years to come – he certainly has the expertise and experience needed.  No more 300 pound college boys… now he just gets to officiate his grandkids and be a mentor to his referee son-in-law (me) who wants to humbly enjoy the college soccer scene.

Secondly, tonight I am taking Kori to Broadway in NYC to enjoy Les Miserables.  I mean, to enjoy hearing yet again the message of the gospel in Les Miz.  If anyone wants to talk for hours about the power of grace-centered redemption as it can be displayed in the secular arts… just bring up Les Miz to Kori and me.  Wow.  One of our first dates some 10 years ago was to Les Miz in Knoxville.  I think she wanted to marry me after that.  Now, when I see her tear up at the power of the gospel (when it is put on display in anything from our kids to Les Miz to my desperate sin being covered by her forgiveness) – I want to be married to her.  I can’t believe I am.

 Happy New Year… enjoy les fiesta!

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One thought on “nice new year – fiesta bowl and les miserables

  1. film guy says:

    happy new year to you as well, glad to stumble upon your blog, like your layout, especially the painting there to to side

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