We are on vacation this week, so I may not be posting.  Then again, many of you readers seem to be on vacation as well… as there’s been a drop in reading! 

Tired and with my wife and kids and family for a weak.  I mean week. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and thanks to our God for his new and comprehensive… daily… morning-by-morning MERCY. 


2 thoughts on “vacating…

  1. Rebekah says:

    Have a blessed and refreshing vacation. Love you guys!

  2. Jim Burdine says:

    Jim. Hope you remember me, Alex’s dad. Although I’m a recent reader of your blog, it has been a wonderful reminder to be aware of how I can manage to twist the gospel to my own ends.
    You continue to bless Alex and Annie through your spiritual leadership and friendship. Those are blessings that a father – as I believe you can appreciate – prays for.
    Think of a vacation as an opportunity to “vacate” yourself to make more room for Him!
    Another Jim

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