fed by my child

Yesterday I was fed an adult sized dose of the gospel from my child.  I was angry, inappropriately so (at a messy house with grandparents coming over for the first time!). 

Lina (5) hardly knows how to drive through this complicated life, and yet she put the brakes on for me.  I pass her gospel application on to you:

After she had hurriedly cleaned the play table due to my tantrum, she said, “Sometimes I want a new daddy.”  (Shocked, I said: “I know Lina, it would be nice sometimes wouldn’t it.”)

“No, daddy.  I am not saying that I want a new or different daddy.”  (Then she walked and stood toe to toe with me.  She grabbed my hands and looked up at me the way I often hold her hands and parentally look down at her.)  “Daddy, I love you.  I am not saying I want a new daddy, I am saying that I don’t want you to be so angry.  I want you as my daddy.  I love you.  But when you get angry, you overwhelm mommy.”

In one comment, she showed me my sin, broke my heart over it, called me to repent and then showed me her unconditional love.  The gospel incarnate in a 5 year old gift from God. 

God what did I do to deserve these blessings?  Thank you for letting me try to be a daddy to my 3 gifts, weak as I am.  Thank you for the forgiveness of their overwhelmed mommy.

5 thoughts on “fed by my child

  1. benzac says:

    When is Lina getting her counseling degree?

  2. Nancy(mom) says:

    Oh, the insightfulness of children! I believe a childlike faith is a life-altering faith.
    God can use the wee ones to change the hearts and lives of the big (and sometimes old) ones. May each of us as parents always be students of our children.
    God has used you, Kori, Lina, Meggie, and Nate to teach me so much about myself but more importantly about His love, grace, and forgiveness. What a blessed journey this has been and continues to be!

  3. Pam says:

    Sounds like Lina is going to be like her Dad – much wisdom beyond her biological age.

  4. wow you never cease to amaze me, neither do your kids.

    When I was 5 I didn’t even know have of the words she said.
    Maybe if I did I could have knocked some sense into my parents heads. Thank you for sharing this.

    I love this part right here

    “I love you. But when you get angry, you overwhelm mommy.” She showed here the unconditional love of a daughter to her only (earthly) father that can never be taken away, even when daddy gets angry. She also showed that she sees how you frustate Kori at times.

    You’ve taught me so much I can never thank you enough for it, this blog is just another way you teach me more every day.

    Hopefully one day I’ll be a dad just like you :p

  5. brother john says:

    What a great example of the gospel! I love the fact that she showed both you and Kori love. She loved you by bringing the sin into the light and loving you more after your repentance. She loved Kori by her level of concern. This is so awesome (especially because Madison can only say like 40 words! Passy, Pizza, Cheerios, you remember those days). You have made me look forward to the days ahead ………… kind of. :- )

    I thought is was great. Sounds like something that needs to be in a book for more people to read and learn from. hint, hint. :- )

    Love you, bro and I love your family.

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