redeeming our worldview before redeeming the world

“Our Christianity can often look more North American and modern than distinctively Christian.  Our churches often take their priorities and values directly from the society in which they exist and simply Christianize them.  The story we are telling has everything to do with the worldview we have, and redeeming this worldview should be central to our lives as disciples.”   – Kyle Strobel, Metamorpha: Jesus as a way of life

He says better than me what I am trying to say.  Maybe this whole weak Christian bit is about redeeming a worldview of strength that is so commonplace in our churches.

2 thoughts on “redeeming our worldview before redeeming the world

  1. rich says:

    I’m with you. But I do think it’s about more than just a worldview of strength. I am blown away when I hear stories of thrid world and persecuted Christians and how comfort is not something they expect. We are so comfortable in the US, even many of the poor, that we expect it in our lives as followers of Christ. And strength and comfort are only a couple of our cultures values that we bring into the Church…

  2. Nathanael says:

    I find that in my conversations with people outside the Faith, most of my work is trying to convince them that Christianity is not culture-based, that what different groups of Christians believe is not CHRISTIANITY. It isn’t Western or American or Evangelical or Wesleyan. CHRISTIANITY is a continuous spiral Heavenward to God the Father through Jesus Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    Put differently, ever tried to catch (own) the wind?

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