lehigh valley churches

just testing to see how google works.  I want to come up on the first page of google for Lehigh Valley Churches.  If I title a post that includes the words, Lehigh Valley, Pa church or churches… will I make it?  (worth a shot, but seems NO)

But this post this is not just a game.  Pray with me that God will work in and through his local bodies here in the Lehigh Valley.  May churches proclaim Christ as the embodiment of God’s kingdom come through the gospel.  May we see comprehensive transformation in the lives of broken people and places through churches faithfully heralding the good news of Christ as our Savior, Redeemer and victorious King.  O… and may more gospel-centered churches be planted!


3 thoughts on “lehigh valley churches

  1. actually Jim, if you do a search for Lehigh Valley Churches, your blog does not come up, but if you do a search for Lehigh Valley Chruches ( I found out when I accidently mispelled the word) … your blog comes up #7 even though you spelled churches correctly in this post.

    Who knows

  2. Sarah B says:

    In the spirit of procrastination that comes upon me when I am in desperation that I will never finish all my work, I did a couple searches on http://bethlehem.clusty.com. You are number 8 for “weak christian” but not in the top 100 for “lehigh valley churches”.

    Note: in typing up this post I noticed, John, how easy it is to type “chruches” rather than “churches.” I didn’t try the alternate spelling on clusty.

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