Today I went to the top of the Tower at Lehigh University and tried to meditate and pray in a focused way over and for the Lehigh Valley.  I am humbled by my inability to focus and meditate even for 30 minutes.  Apparently I am (to a fault) a doer of the kingdom.  Apparently I don’t recognize how (in)dependent I am until I try for a measly 30 minutes to be totally dependent on God in prayer for the work he would do to fill every Valley with his fulness through the gospel.  Apparently I am so busy thinking and talking and hoping for the gospel to be revealed in weakness that I don’t stop to feel as weak as I am for the Spirit to intercede with groanings before God (even as Christ intercedes with his righteousness) when I pray.  Thank you God for showing me that I am even too weak to meditate on my own… I am too much a lover of my own thoughts and ideas and actions. 

30 minutes on top of a mountain with a view of the churchplant target area and I didn’t know how to meditate and pray.  I guess I know what to pray for…


One thought on “meditation

  1. Nancy says:

    Maybe that’s when God can really humble us when we can’t even pray or even be still and know that He is God. Maybe that’s when He can empty us of ourselves and begin to fill us as He wills…Oh, God, empty us of ourselves, empty vessels, only You can fill. That is my prayer for each of us. Jars of clay, molded by God, and used by God however He chooses…..that’s where my prayer begins.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

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