Lower Macungie is a needy place

What is my post titled?  Yep.  Lower Macungie Township (west of Allentown PA) is a needy place. If you’ve been to the Lehigh Valley, the word “needy” is not what you would associate with LowerMac.  But it is.  I read this morning in the paper that LowerMac is developing more athletic facilities.  It NEEDS a place for its 5400 and growing kids to play soccer (and those other sports).  I have met with township officials, and they know well the debate that LowerMac NEEDS  a new form of government (currently the township is a Class II community, and a petition drive is circulating around its citizens in favor of a Class I status – with its own police station, a difft government model, etc.)  O, and the influx of people (in 2005-06 some 25 people a day were moving to LowerMac and it was the fastest growing municipality in the state of PA) has made it so the community NEEDS better sewer drainage and better roads, etc.  O, and the High School (over in Emmaus) houses the LowerMac kids, and it is a virtual college campus with 3000 students.  It NEEDS a new high school.  Yep.  LowerMac is a needy place – though I’m not talking about inner-city poverty needs (actually, I imagine the number of resident who NEED debt release is very high). 

Even more, LowerMac NEEDS gospel declaring churches.   Numerous kindgom-churches would need to be planted for kingdom-growth to mirror the rapid societal growth.  We lived in LowerMac until a month ago when we moved to Emmaus.  Before I moved, I was privileged to meet with one of the township supervisors.  As proud of his community that he was – even he could articulate NEEDS that are more than simply societal.

To be pointed, the needs were simple:

1. Cultural change in a place that encompasses rural, suburban and city people (drive to NYC or Philly daily for work).

2. Relational stress between newbies and oldies (old timers resent the rapid influx of new-non-locals).

3. Neighbors no longer care for each other (as when it was smaller and more rural) – they care for themselves and their homes and cars…

4. There is great pressure to BE a first class community because of its first class citizens (with such a mindset – how do we expose the classless needs of the heart!?)

5.  There is growing polarity between the wealthiest (can easily afford it), the upper middle (can afford it), the middle (want to afford it for educational/lifestyle/status purposes), and the  lower class (still living there and are pounded with new taxes, etc.)

Lower Macungie is a needy place.

O, to bring the kingdom of God to the people who are comfortable and safe on their suburban back porch.  O to show them the depth of their need – beyond the soccer fields.  O God, plant a church in your timing in the precise location that will enable us to minister to Emmaus andLowerMac.

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