my BIGGEST weakness

Just so you know… yesterday my wife corrected my blurred vision (see below) about myself.  She articulated what I know to be my biggest weakness.  She said, ‘Jim, why is it that you genuinely long to help others see Christ in their weakness, but in our own home – you won’t allow weakness.’  (Between the lines: “you demand a strong wife and strong kids because you want to have a strong home, because you THINK you’re strong.”  She’s right.  Sorry Kori.  O God, govern my response to weakness in my own home.)

Your BIGGEST weakness (at least today)?

2 thoughts on “my BIGGEST weakness

  1. rich says:

    it stinks when those closest to us reveal who we are. but thank God for them…

  2. Alex Burdine says:

    “Get behind me, Satan.”

    my blurred vision is trusting in what I perceive to be things I am strong in. Like Peter, ‘my way’ must be right, right?

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