google weakness

I find this amusing.  Google works.  

I don’t know how.  I don’t know why.  But this is fun.

Thought I would let you know how (beyond friends) people have found the blog.  These are a list of recent Google searches by which people linked to the blog: 

why christian church weak

list 3 weaknesses


church plant blog powell

weakness of a person


gospel in church Philadelphia

christian coffee houses lehigh valley, pa

3 weaknesses

biblical weakness

 Analysis: There must NOT be very many places talking about weakness, because my pithy page should not be on the first page of a Google search!  But it WAS (i.e. biblical weakness)… revealing that there indeed is a famine in the area of addressing ‘church weakness’ or ‘christian weakness’ or ‘biblical weakness.’ 

So, may God use our conversation, because who knows who may turn to the web to try to discern what it means to depend on the gospel when they are weak… especially in a world (and church) that has a million and one discussions on ‘strength.’  I imagine even Google wouldn’t be so friendly to me if my name were ‘strong christian’ – those words are just too often linked to give us a spot near the top of any search engine!

O, and my hope and prayer is that weakchristian’s blog (and your comments) would come up on the first page of Google when the search is simply the word – ‘weakness.’  Not there yet.  But use it God.

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