righteousness by (via, through, depending upon…) weakness

I am preaching Sunday on one of my favorite texts.  Philippians 3:9

“That I may be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS FROM GOD that depends on faith…”

It’s all interconnected.  I pray I’m not making too much of this weakness theme, but it seems so pervasive and inescapable in every text I read!  For example…

There is THE righteousness from God that is given us in Christ that depends on faith in Christ. 

But what is faith?  Faith is dependence upon THE righteousness from God truly being given to us in our unrighteousness and broken predicament when we believe in what God accomlished in Christ (Phil. 3:10).

But what kind of a person is dependent?  One who knows how weak they are, so as to not try and pursue the dead end of their own righteousness. 

Even more, what kind of a person is continually dependent on THE righteousness from God given through faith in the resurrected Christ?  The kind of person who is continually aware of their weakness (in sin, in peformance, etc).

So suddenly a text about righteousness from God is translated into my daily life (practically) as a text that calls me to dependence.  And dependence is awareness of weakness!  And I am weak, so I can DO that!  (Contrary to pursuing my own righteousness.) 

O God show me my weakness so I have NO confidence in a righteousness of my own that comes from the Law and I actually depend on THE righteousness from you given me in Christ.  An unchanging status of perfect righteousness irregardless of the ebb and flow of my feelings of strength or weakness!


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