3 weaknesses

Today I give you three of my life-weakness that I feel in this moment: 

1. I am task oriented to a fault.  Grace: yesterday and today I took a moment and set aside the to-do list (we just bought a house, you can imagine its length) and lived a father’s dream.  My 5 year old and I worked together as she learned how to ride her bike.  Up and down the alley she now goes.  Things like that aren’t made for a list.  Thank you God.

2.  I do not usually hide (store – ESV) God’s Word in my heart “that I might not sin”(Ps. 119:11).  I usually store God’s Word in my heart so I can use it in my ministry arsenal.  God forgive me.  Grace: today Psalm 101:1-3 became the song of my heart for no other reason than being the song of my needy heart.  Thank you God.

3.  For me, hindsight is 20/675 (actually my vision in one of my eyes).  Blogging has re-opened some relationships with people in the church I previously pastored.  Then yesterday I led a chapel service at a local nursing home (a place I frequently ministered in when at my previous pastorate).  Between blogging and that nursing home visit – my heart has gone back to my pastorate in TN and I feel a bit broken.  Not because I don’t KNOW God wants us here in the Lehigh Valley – there is NO place I would rather be.  But because I wonder why I didn’t work ceaselessly on establishing the kind of gospel community there that I am so burdened about here.  Maybe I did.  Maybe I didn’t.  Like I said – my hindsight is quite off.  Grace: The church in all places is God’s community, and has never been nor will be mine.  Thank you God.

 If you would comment… why not share a life-weakness that you feel in this moment.  “I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ (and his grace) might rest upon me.”

7 thoughts on “3 weaknesses

  1. Rich says:

    I think things over too much. I usually turn things over and over in my head looking for the answers or magic formula to solve a problem instead falling on my knees and crying out to a Father who longs to hear my hopes, dreams, worries, and issues. Grace: He has provided a couple of situations lately that have pushed me to talk with him. Thank you God.

  2. Alex Burdine says:

    I like being funny without consequence or regard to the subject of my humor. Like, for instance, babysitting other people’s kids and blogging about how I’m glad they’re not mine (even when they’re totally cute) because I’m just not ready for the responsibility or the loss of free time. Which, ultimately, is a sign of my selfishness.

    That’s called circular blogging, I think. When one blog refers to another that refers back to the first one:)

  3. weakchristian says:

    Translation: For all who got lost in the previous comment, Alex Burdine is saying that his weakness is selfishness (often evidenced by being funny without regard to the subject of his humor). Thanks A. You have a pulse on yourself that should be emulated.

  4. Alex Burdine says:

    Just in case anyone wanted to know what Jim’s head looked like REALLY, REALLY shruken…he provided an example in his response to me. well done.

    See, there I go again.

  5. Rebekah says:

    The other day I saw a relative that I haven’t seen for a few years. We used to be close years ago but we’ve both changed alot and we live very different lives, and to be honest, it’s just plain awkward between us now. After a while she seemed to warm up to me a little bit, and she slowly started to open up about her a portion of her life and what she is doing and so on. I had the perfect opportunity to share the Gospel with her, but I didn’t. I have in the past so she’s heard it, but it’s been awhile. She never asked for my opinion or thoughts about what she’s doing so I just listened with interest and love. At least I felt love(in the midst of the awkwardness) and I hope she felt it from me.
    Anyway, I was so upset with myself after she left because I didn’t say anything. I listened, but I wasn’t honest about what I was thinking. I felt plastic. I was trying to get through the discomfort and went into my “southern hospitality” mode. I hate that. I was so weak and I’m really ashamed of myself.

    I lack boldness for the Gospel, and cowardice has been a reccuring theme in my life.

  6. Rebekah says:

    I forgot to mention God’s grace in the midst of my weakness. I guess I was a little bit discouraged….
    Grace: God loves me too much, but more importantly, it is more important that he is glorified with my life to leave me there. He’s so good to show me this weakness and he won’t leave me in it.

  7. Nate Danser says:

    Often times I have sat down with friends who are in need of gentle restoration. In my heart is great faith in the depths of Christ’s love and in the peace that comes from a knowledge of His sufficiency.

    But when I fail…I find that the message my heart pours forth is that I need “Christ plus plus plus plus, etc” (Thanks for the illustration, Jim) There is a disconnect in my understanding of grace for others and grace for myself. I do not count myself worthy of the love of Christ. God is beginning to break me of this.

    Oh, that we would exalt in our weaknesses, anticipating the inevitable display of Christ’s power through that place of surrender.

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