is it all in my head?

It’s been 4 days… and I know that if I want to get this thing off the ground I need to write more often.  But I seem to delay because I just can’t help thinking that I need to author something so profound that people say oooh.  Sorry, I know blogging is about conversating not performing.

Today’s thought: “Most church planters plant a church in their head and not in the community.”  A quote I heard at the Global Church Advancement National Church Planting Conference.  Then this past week, I attended a leadership summit and one of the seminars, in sum, was basically this: “the greatest, most compelling – even biblical and gospel centered and Christ exalting – vision will be worthless if it is not owned by other people.”  (Because it will just be the leaders vision.)

OK – I confess I have a church planted in my head.  I confess I have a vision that I own that I would love others to ‘buy into.’  But I know, and thank God, that it doesn’t work that way.  The desires and Spirit-led passions of many are always greater than the desires of one.  And who am I anyway? 

This past month has been critical in my understanding of my role.  I am not a prophet, but I am a declarer of God’s prophetic Word (for any who don’t know me, expositional preaching is the passion of my soul – more than “church planting” even).  I am not a dictator of a vision/values/philosophy of ministry, but neither am I just a cheerleader of other people’s vision/values/philosophy of ministry.  I am a leader who has been called to simply paint a picture of a kingdom-gospel PCA church plant in the west side of the Lehigh Valley that others can be passionate about.  I am privileged to get to cast the line as far and wide as is possible… to paint a picture in other people’s heads that THEY begin to own with passion as they live their lives in their community.  To lead is then to gather the painters and dreamers together to work on one canvas.  To work with each other’s unique capacities and angles.  To lead is to enjoy the beauty of other people owning a vision that they would die for.  Not my vision in my head.  Not their vision in their head.  But our vision, revealed by God and impressed in our hearts, regarding His work through us in our community. 

Honestly, we aren’t in the painting stage yet, but we are in the prepping stage.  If you live in the Lehigh Valley… put your paint clothes on (it will be beautifully messy).


One thought on “is it all in my head?

  1. Dell Bobier says:

    To prep or paint, that is the question. LOL
    I have a vision for a church too. Transparency & safety come to mind along with a strong evangelizing emphasis. If so many Cubans will accept Christ why won’t Macungites? They will, they will!

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