Church plant rewind

I promised to chronicle the church plant. 

I intend [must] write about our weaknesses as the catalyst to living in the power of the gospel. 

I enjoy kingdomizing… 

BUT I have to rotate what I post so as to not bore those of you who have different interests.  Again, my primary target are those of you who are curious about God’s unfolding work of a reformed, kingdom-minded, missional, expositional preaching, gospel-speaking, PCA, community called a church plant (a plant that perhaps has germinated but is yet to grow) on the west side of the Lehigh Valley.   So now I must press rewind to get you up to speed…

Why the West side of our diverse (1.3ish million person) Valley?  Short answer – because in 2005-06, Lower Macungie PA was the fastest growing metropolis in the state of PA, second only to Philadelphia in building permits.  The Morning Call reported that 25 new people a day were moving to LowerMac.  That article was printed in the Sunday paper the weekend we candidated up here (July 06).  There is great need for new gospel preaching churches when God providentially brings that kind of societal growth in a community!  May we not forget that the sovereign God who will grow his church does not have his hand off the reigns of our growing societies. 

Longer answer: I have a city itch…  My wife Kori has a country itch…  Let it be known that the recently rural, now suburban west Valley has city people from NYC/Philly so it scratches both of us (true of most of the Lehigh Valley).  Even more, at this point we feel called to public school our children (no comments  there, please) so as to be missional among the children/parents in our community.  The west side has a great school district (East Penn) and we just bought a house within walking distance of Lina’s elementary school (time to hold hands with other moms, dads and kids as we walk across the ‘crosswalk’ to our school – intersting picture).  Even more, God has strategically placed quite a few passionate families from our present church (the mother ship) in the target area of the west Valley.  Even more, having lived here over the past year, I have seen countless ways where God is ahead of us paving the way on the West side.  (i.e. I have met 3 college soccer referees that I will be working with… where do you figure they all live?  The west Valley.  OR – I went into Starbucks to work on a sermon, and – mind you, this is not the Bible belt – I saw four 20-somethings (not together) studying Scripture… check for sure footing, Jim, there is a kingdom earthquake over here.  OR – I was at Barnes and Noble and met a family while working on my sermon.  They excitedly told me that there was a PCA church plant coming to the West Valley!  “Ahem, that’s why we’re here!”  I had no idea who they were and they had no connection to our church – now their daughter comes to Cornerstone).  I could go on and on and on…

O God, may you plant a west Valley church that loves its community as much as I think I love it here.  And then would you show me that as you have loved us in Christ in provisional ways that are more abundant than we could ask or imagine – so will you create a love and other-mindedness to this west Valley culture (gospel incarnation) that is beyond anything I could ask or imagine at this point as well.  Would you plant a church that lives for your glory not just inside the church, but inside the tribes and workplaces and cultural enclaves of our West Side of the Valley!   May it be inescapable to all of us just WHY you have put your finger on the west Valley and said, “Come here.” 


One thought on “Church plant rewind

  1. Alex Burdine says:


    Your passion is infecting me through the digital screen of my computer monitor.

    My prayer is for you and your family to be continually wrapped in the Love of God, so that you know neither the success or failure of this church plant in Lower Mac, can effect that passion.

    Thanks Brother.

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