the difference between a target and an audience

My first blog.  Sorry culture… I’m late. Why go blogging?  Because it is the means to an end of communiting to a specific TARGET… 

What is the difference between a target and an audience?  The difference is motive.  I recently attended GCA (Global Church Advancement) National Church Planting Conference and heard it said that today, our expressive culture has created the cult of the amateur.  In other words, through blogs just like this one, even the amateur among us get to scratch our self-obsessed idolatrous itch that we ‘deserve’ an audience to hear us bla bla bla about bla bla bla… If the goal is an audience, start blogging, so I’ve heard.  May this blog never be about an audience.  But why blog if not for the audience?  Because of the target.  

So who is the target?  The target of weakchristian’s blog is a certain kind of Kingdom people.  (Grammatically, ‘is’ sounds funky when the target is plural.)  But it IS a singular kind of people (plural and diverse) to whom I blog. 

My target is people whose hearts pulse to see the Kingdom of heaven come to earth in the west side of the Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton metro area, narrowed to Lower Macungie and Emmaus).    My target is people who are curious about the passions and convictions of the ‘church planter’ before the church plant even takes place (who may or may not be a part of the PCA church plant that will be happening over the next year+). My target is missional or almost-missional-need-a-little-bit-of-convincing people who love the church AND who love(rather than despise) the culture of this world and long for its transformation through the gospel and powerful Word of God (when exposed in all its clarity and fulness in the community of the church).  My target is people who know they are weak and treasure their posture of impoverished dependece on Christ. My target is people who need a healthy gospel-centered reminder that the only way to be strong in faith in a Kingdom of power is to be weak in person… only then do we rest on a strong Savior who became weak in his person to authentically engage and redeem us.

My target is people who wonder what it might look like if a church plant were to become what Jesus told us to pray: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name… Thy kingdom come in our weak and needy but incredible cultural Lehigh Valley as it is in heaven. My target is a certain kind of Kingdom-people.  Check your chest for a bulls-eye.  And check back to weakchristian’s blog regularly.

Grace to you… comprehensive Kingdom grace that HAS come and WILL fill every valley (Luke 3:5-6), even the Lehigh Valley  – Jim

2 thoughts on “the difference between a target and an audience

  1. Rich says:

    You’ve started well with this idea of a target…

  2. Rebekah says:

    You hit your target with me. I fall into the almost-missional-need-a-little-bit-of-convincing people group. I’m doing alot of reading, heart-searching and praying. I’ll be reading here….

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